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In July of 2013, after 15 years in the corporate world, I decided to leave the company I had been with for over 13 years – for many reasons – and to begin working for myself on my terms, serving people with powerful coaching.

I didn’t have a website.

With today’s internet savvy and smart phone Google world, I decided I wanted a website to promote what services I offered and myself.

Getting a website done was supposed to be simple – or so I thought.

This is what I wanted – a website with the following features:

  • a website that would rank on the first page of Google search results for my services with the thought that this would lead to potential clients
  • a mobile responsive website – meaning, you could view the content easily on any smart phone or device without pinching and expanding the screen
  • a website that I could manage by adding and deleting content as I saw fit – important for growth
  • flexibility to change how a page looked
  • ongoing technical support for any items I didn’t know or wanted to learn how to do on my website

After contacting several website developers and much to my surprise, I learned it was going to cost me upwards of $5000 in getting my coaching website up and that didn’t include the flexibility to change how a page looked or ongoing support.

After much deliberation, I settled with a web developer that I knew.

They quoted me about $4,000 for a design I had and wanted put together.

I thought to myself: “Ok, even if they were off on their proposal by lets say 25%, I might spend at most $5,000 on my site”.  This was still a lot of money to me because now I didn’t have my steady corporate income, however, I was willing to invest that amount in my business because I thought I was going to get clients from it”.

I bit the bullet and had my web developer begin the project.

Four months later, and instead of $4,000 as budgeted, for reasons that really frustrated me, I ended up spending upwards of $8,000 paying them to do my website – in html coding – which was another mistake – hind sight is 20/20.

At the $4,000 budget and spend, only the home page was done and none of the inside pages – I was stuck between do I just let the $4,000 go and start from scratch again and probably be even more frustrated, or continue??  I continued because I hated spending money for nothing.

And if I wanted to change how a page looked, I still couldn’t do it because I didn’t know html coding, which meant I had to pay them to do it every time which costed even more money.

I was more than frustrated to say the least with that experience because while I believed in investing in my website to build my business, I had very little income and that was biting in to my savings.

Furthermore, I decided to take some online digital marketing courses so that I knew what to do to outrank my competition – that was another $5,000 investment.

Here’s the kicker, when I asked my web developer to set things up the way I learned in my online digital marketing courses, they questioned every thing I said!

I found out this web developer hadn’t updated their skill set in years.

I have found this out to be more common then I thought.

And what I learned from that experience and since then about most web developers, is they don’t even implement the basic fundamental requirements Google requires from websites!  This was and is crazy in my opinion.

Long story short… I’ve learned what I need to do to outrank competition, how to build websites properly, AND how to coach coaches in extracting the brilliance that lies within them to get their messaging across on their websites and social media.

I bring all this to you, the new, or established coach that wants the same things I wanted from my website.

If you want help in creating your website from someone that knows how to speak your coaching language, how to build websites properly, how to connect all the pieces that are required for your website to run efficiently, to connect all the google services to your website, then lets have a chat to see if we are a fit to work with each other.

Much respect,

Jim Ribau

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